Saturday, May 23, 2009

Helicopter Tour

We are such extravagant travelers.
Dan suggested that we take a helicopter tour since most of the park was closed. It probably wasn't the best decision financially but it was a very memorable experience and I'm glad we did it. None of us had ever ridden in a helicopter and we all loved it.
Chloe was a little nervous at first but I told her that if we crashed then we would all die together and go to heaven where everyone is happy. So don't worry. It was a very smooth ride with awesome views of the Continental Divide, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, etc.


Bonnie and Kirk said...

Okay, that is so cool. It looks like it was amazing. I'm jealous.

Cyndi Rella said...

I just got home. It was amazing! I wish I had more time there. Maybe next year.

LoGunns said...

Whoa! Abe is so jealous.