Friday, May 01, 2009

Flashback Friday—Sleeping Stella

These are all from April & May of last year.

Asleep in her pasta.  Right after taking a bath. Good thing I put that bib on her.  (btw, granite is over-rated.  I miss that white formica.)DSC_0032DSC_0034

I was taking pictures of Stella and when I lowered the camera I realized that Fred had been posing. So I zoomed out and took this picture. 

Asleep by Chloe who is fiddling with her bellybutton.* 
And she probably fell asleep on my lap while waiting for me to stop organizing photos and start giving her attention. 


*Chloe is sitting here as I write this and is very concerned about what people will think of her for playing with her bellybutton.  (In a really whiney voice) “"But people will think I’m weird!”  She wants to make sure I make it known that she no longer does this.  I never noticed when she stopped. 


LoGunns said...

Tell Chloe that we think she is one of the coolest girls out there. Not weird.

Winnie said...

That's what belly buttons are for.

The Huffakers said...

Your children are adorable even with fat lips and bruised noses. Thanks so much for the donation to the MS society. We really appreciate it. Have fun at the city of the rocks. Ty and I love it there too.

daisy said...

Shayne and I enjoyed hanging out with Stella at SBR on Saturday. She is adorable! Tell Dan thank you again for my sweet bike and taking all that time to get me geared up.

angerine said...

What kind of freakish kid plays with her belly button? Is it an outie? Stella, you are sooooooo wierd. I can't believe how wierd you used to be.