Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ski School

I've been taking the girls up to Bogus Basin for ski school on Thursday mornings. There are not a lot of skiers on the mountain and the classes are small (2 or 3 kids/instructor).

Chloe likes to be first.

That kid really held back Stella.

Fred and I hang out in the lodge or cruise around in the sled.
The big haul.
On the way home they are really hungry.
And tired.


LoGunns said...

Someday they will be olimpians:)

Amy said...

does chloe not have school- Pretty sweet though, I will show tyler and he will want to be better, That is his driving force, that he can be as good as Chloe on the big lift

k8theriver said...

chloe has afternoon kindergarten. we make it back just in time (or a few minutes late).

heat said...

What's your stroller? I'm looking for a double that will fold.
Good luck with the bike store.