Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fred is One!

We used Fred's birthday as an opportunity to get to know people. We invited some neighbors and families from our ward over for a little party in our backyard. There were lots of kids so we had Little Ceasar's Pizza, a veggie tray, fruit, cake and ice cream sandwiches.
The party:
Dan's parents gave this ride-on toy to Stella for Christmas. She unwrapped it but we never put it together. We convinced her to give it to Fred for his birthday. (Thanks Meme & Pepe & Stella.)

Unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to talk to people. Hosting a party is not an ideal way to get to know people. One family at a time over for dinner would work better. Oh well, most of them knew eachother and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

even more pictures on flicker


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday to Fred!! Looks like a fun party!! I love re-gifting too!!

Amy said...

I love the invite- Fred doesnt have any friends and neither do his parents.... loveit

liz s said...

happy birthday fred! i saw his pictures on 'oh dee doh'!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Fred! I'm having fun planning Ava's b-day on the 30th. I've decided it's fun to plan parties, but not fun to host them. Oh well. Love the pics!

Heath said...

Fred is one?? Can't believe it. I absolutely love that collage you put together of him eating his cake. He is such a handsome dude. He sure has a super nice sister to give away a big present like that. HOpe you guys are doing well up there. It looks like you're diving right into the swing of things with Chloe's tri! I think that is the cutest thing I've ever heard of. It'll get her all geared up for more!

Em-Cat said...

Happy B-Day Fred! He's such a cutie-pie...I wish I could meet him (actually all of your kids for that matter) in person! You need to call me when you're in my neck-o-the-woods.