Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i was tagged by em-cat. i'm supposed to list 7 things you may not know about me. i already did this on another blog so this tag will be about the family.

1. when i got to the hospital to deliver chloe i was dilated to a 9+. after 5ish hours of pushing with no epidural she was delivered by c-section. i hated it.

2. stella was a vbac* delivery. i consider this a big accomplishment.

3. fred was a vbac delivery with the help of forceps.

4. we currently own 13 bikes:
2 bmx bikes for dan
1 bmx bike for katie
1 bmx bike for chloe
1 mountain bike for dan
1 mountain bike for katie
1 time-trial bike for dan
1 road bike for dan
1 road bike for katie
1 specialized bike for chloe
1 bike with training wheels for stella
1 tricycle
1 like-a-bike
(we used to have a tandem road bike. and i'm thinking i would like a cruiser.)

5. anyone who knows dan knows that he likes to buy-sell-buy-sell-buy-sell-buy-sell.....but you may not know the exact number of cars he's owned. here is a list:

84 Subaru wagon
86 Audi 4000S
87 Honda Crx
87 Nissan Truck
88 Ford Mustang GT
86 Subaru Brat
68 Ford Mustang
90 Acura Integra LS
87 Nissan Pathfinder
90 Subaru Legacy L Wagon (Silver)
93 Jeep Cherroke Lorado
91 Subaru Legacy L Wagon (Maroon)
97 Subaru Legacy GT Limited
97 Saturn SW2
97 Subaru Legacy Outback
91 Honda Civic HB
93 toyota land cruiser
96 Saab 900 SE
05 Toyota 4 Runner
97 Subaru Legacy GT
02 BMW 330 XI
90 Honda Civic
2005 Subaru Outback
that is 25 cars in 16 years. right after we got married he sold the only car i had ever owned, my escort that i had just paid off. i wonder if dan will ever pay off a car. i have very little--usually nothing to do with the purchase of these cars. once i came home from a trip and he said, "go look in the garage." that's when we got the 4-runner, which is considered my car and i won't let him sell it even though he got really anxious as the mileage went up. i was really embarrassed when he got the bmw. but then i started to like driving it. and usually i'm all for buying a cheaper car but i didn't like driving the civic while prego with no a/c and grumpy, sweaty kids. plus, you had to duck under the seatbelt attached to the door.
6. dan got lasik surgery. it didn't work that well. he also got surgery done on his pinky toes because they curled under. it didn't work that well either.
7. chloe got dan's toes--short and stubby (like the flintstones) with crooked pinkies. stella got mine--long and skinny (like a model). i think our genes combined evenly to make normal toes for fred.
*look it up, we don't say the 'v' word on this blog.


Em-Cat said...

You are SUCH a good sport. I loved reading it. It sounds like Dan needs to go to Buy-Sell-Aholics Anonymous. I should go online to see if that really exists. I promise I won't tag you ever again.

heat said...

You are really good at making lists that are interesting.