Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Birthday time

stella's new thing is to say, "i want dat my burday." she says this about toys in the store, things she sees on t.v. or in magazines, or even something she is already playing with at home.
but this isn't about stella--its about chloe. she will be five on the 15th. and here are somethings i'm thinking she will like for her bday:

this looks fun

and this:

she likes games:

this is what i'm getting her (mostly because i think it looks fun). i'm hoping to find one on ebay. she'll need furniture:

this is what she asked for:

and a barbie (ugh) laptop like ashton's.
she recently went through a box of envelopes. licking and sealing and stuffing and coloring. so, since you work in a bookstore, grandma goodrich, maybe you could get her some office supplies. ( i could use a box of envelopes.)
and we always like books.
we have received a lot of really cool and thoughtful gifts in the past. she is really looking forward to present time.
and don't forget stella's burday in may.

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heat said...

Happy birthday to Chloe! I don't know any other five year old that climbs, skates and likes Barbies. Chloe's the coolest!