Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Stella Bella

we celebrated stella's bday while we were in st. george (so we could have people to celebrate with). we had pizza and cake at sam's house with all the cousins.

she kept blowing on the same side she dipped in the bubbles.

ethan (rachel's), ella (nate's), griffin (sam's)-i guess that's how he smiles, and stella. she loves to dress up.

now that she is two and about to be a big sister, we will start transitioning her into a "big girl". (i can't believe she will only be my baby for 3 more months.) we'll take away the pacifier, move her to a toddler bed and potty train her. i wish she could be a baby a little longer. she's been so easy, i hope being a big girl doesn't ruin her.

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