Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clive's Golden Birthday

Moving and having child #4 threw me into a funk.  I told myself that I would snap out of it when Clive turned two.  I never blogged about his birth.  I can't believe he is now two.
His birthday landed during a busy time.  Rather than put it off until I could plan better I decided to go ahead and "throw" a celebration a few hours before dinner. 
Dan bought a cake on his way home from work.
We sang.  Fred was being obnoxious.

 Clive "blew" out his candles.  The drool missed the cake.

 Rachel and her kids, Kate and her kids and Halle were there.

 He was good about getting all the paper off the present.  He thought that was the game and didn't know to look in the box.
 He loves bikes.
 We bought him a balance bike that is small enough for him.
 He is used to our old balance bike that he loved to walk because it was too tall to straddle.  So, at first, he just wanted to jump the bike. 
 It wasn't long before he was speeding along.  He is always saying, "watch the gate" then he'll take off.  (That is what is said at BMX races.)
 Leaning forward means he's going really fast.
 He LOVES his bike and wants to ride it all the time.  It was the most perfect gift we could have given him.
 With cousin Milo.


Em-Cat said...

Funny story. It has been so long since I've seen or talked with you that I totally forgot you had another kid. When this post came to my email I was in shock you had a two year old. I had to look at past posts to jog my memory. Ugh! Mommy brain. Congratulations on your baby and that he's grown up to be two. I'm the worst. He's super cute though and I love the bike. A perfect present for your kid!

Ang said...

Now you will just have to update your blog name...