Friday, June 03, 2011

Some News

i'm forcing myself to write this post. i am not forcing myself to use the shift key.

i have been bad at blogging. the number one reason is that i am pregnant--which equals lazy. the other reason is that we are moving and this takes up a lot of time and energy.

we always figured we would return to utah and dan got really anxious as the housing market continued to plummet with no sign of return in the near future. so we figured we would try to get out now. if we waited until the market improved (at least three years) then our kids would be older and have a harder time moving.

but we weren't too hopeful. we considered renting, buying a house in utah and then short-sale the one in idaho if it got too much for us. word got out and we immediately had three families that wanted to rent. all very good options. we couldn't decide.

so dan applied for some jobs. he got three offers. he has a talent for getting jobs. he decided to accept a job managing data for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints (i just can't deny the shift key for that one). they have very good benefits. they also pay for closing costs and realtor fees. so we decided we would put it up for sale for three months tops.

getting a house ready to sale is no easy task. besides all the cleaning and packing we had stella's birthday, a yard sale, and three soccer games. oh, and i'm pregnant.

we had three showings on saturday and an offer on monday. we were really excited because the offer was more than the asking price. but then they negotiated the closing costs. then a self-proclaimed "nit-picky" inspector came up with a very long list of things wrong with our house. including a jet in the bathtub with low-pressure and a stove burner with a low flame. the buyers required us to fix only the most expensive things. (things that were wrong with the house when we bought it but were not pointed out to us.)

everyday for the past week someone has been coming to fix something and charge us money. i am so tired of it. i'm tired of thinking about it. i haven't been doing anything physical but thinking about all the money we are forking out for repairs and going to closing with mucho dinero--make that muchisimo dinero--wears me out. we just hope that the buyers don't back out when the appraisal comes back. our house value seems to drop $1000 a week.

so where are we going? we have spent many weekends in utah trying to figure it out. we looked all through utah county for a house and even a bit in the draper area but couldn't find anything. we finally decided to build. we spent a lot of time trying to decide on a lot.

just after we decided to move to utah county my sister rachel decided the same thing. i really wanted to coordinate our house shopping but she was busy when we were available. we decided on a lot in lehi, just north of utah lake and a mile away from my cousin natalie and friend sarah. but i didn't have much hope that rachel would be able to find a house nearby--there wasn't much available.

the week after we bought our lot rachel went shopping for a house. she checked out the cul-de-sac where our lot is and.....(this is the best part of the story) the house across the street had gone up for sale. and they bought it! ha! how awesome is that?!

more trips have been made to utah to figure out the house plans. we will be renting for the summer while the house is being built. we are renting a home from a family that will be gone for an internship and is leaving their house furnished. if our house isn't finished before the family returns we will just have to move into rachel's basement. party! (right, rachel?)

the last day of school is wednesday. we will leave that evening to go to dan's brother's nicely-timed-wedding in logan on thursday. then we will finally move into the rental on saturday.

see why i haven't blogged about all this? there is just too much going on. and don't forget--i am due to have a baby in july. one month after we move into the rental. one month before we move into the new house.

i was just thinking, could this move be any more hectic? yes, it could. remember that we only had to show our house for one day? i didn't have to try to keep the house clean for weeks. also, our house sold. not for as much as we owe but it still sold. and, i am thankful that the new job provides movers to pack up and haul away our stuff.

if this baby didn't move around so much i might forget that i'm pregnant. poor, neglected fourth child.

ok, done. documented.

pray for the sale to go through!


Winnie said...

wow. That is a lot of news.
Good luck to you! Welcome back to Utah and I hope to be seeing you around soon.

LoGunns said...

Wow! What the heck! Good luck! and Glad to have you closer.

ChanellR said...

This post makes me want to cry- or makes me really cry. I still think moving is a bad idea. :( Any chance I can talk you out of it at this point?

heat said...

Ugh...all while pregnant. youre a trooper. That's so cool about you and Rachel - how bazaar.

Bonnie and Kirk said...

I'm so glad the house sold. That is awesome. and.. I can't even believe how jealous I am that you are going to live across from your sister. How lucky is that?!!

Carrie said...

Ok, I'm tired!
Too bad you're not moving back to the old hood.
Happy Moving!

angerine said...

wow, how exciting! new job, new baby, building a house--so many big changes for you guys this summer. good luck!

Em-Cat said... pregnancy doesn't equal lazy. You're basically an incubator for 40 weeks and that takes a lot of energy away from other things you could be doing like laying on the couch, eating lots and worrying...wait that's what happens when your, I know what I mean.

Cool that you're moving down to Utah. Are you sure you don't want to move to So. Cal? And what's so great about Utah County? Weber County is like 10,000 times better.

Em-Cat said... I just realized how late I am. This was posted a while ago! I hope everything went well with the baby and the move and everything!