Monday, April 19, 2010

City of Rocks

The weekend after we returned from Florida we went camping at City of Rocks with Dan's parents, his brother Ben and his sister Valerie and her husband Stu.
It was windy and kind of cold but still beautiful.

Dan bought some dutch ovens and his mom made some really good meals. Including her birthday cake. The kids love their Pepe.

Kids get wimpy as they get older. Fred climbed all the way up to the tree multiple times. Stella climbed to the line where Fred is in the below picture and Chloe only climbed half-way to the line.


David DeMarco said...

I need Adona to go climbing with Fred. She chickens out on us and just loves to walk around with her harness, shoes and helmet. Giana doesn't seem to fear anything and we hope to see her climb something next year. Always welcome in Las Vegas!

Ang said...

Fred's so cool!