Monday, June 28, 2010


Stella graduated preschool. One of many spills.
Chloe and SidDan made bunk beds for the girls dolls. And I helped them make quilts. Except Stella's still isn't finished.
Fred spent a lot of time naked--because he was potty training and because he likes being naked. Sometimes he made his way out front or answered the door.
Some things found in the central vac.
Fred dresses up nearly every day.
The water park. Without Dan. Things got a little rough during Fred's nap time. He's the type of kid that runs away from his mom. This is especially aggravating around water. Instead of chasing him I would watch him from a distance. This concerned many people who couldn't see his mother.
Toy Story III. We never take our kids to full-price movies--especially not 3D but we were out of town and Dan was working.

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