Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After all the traveling we did in August I didn't want to go anywhere for a long time. But we left the very next weekend. Cousin Ethan was getting baptized on Labor Day weekend. So I packed the kids up again (leaving Dan behind) and traveled 11 hours to St. George. I didn't get any pictures of the baptism but I documented their favorite things--swimming and cousins.
Chloe, Ethan, Sara
Dan did an xterra triathlon (mtn. bike & trail run).
I would like to point out that Dan's head is round, Dalls' is oval and Kyle's is square.
Dress up.
Dresses. Pioneer hats. Capes.
Corn maze.
The first photo is of Chloe and Fred waiting for a ride that would never happen because after the photo I found out it cost $2/kid. But the petting zoo was free.


amy said...

Tyler and I liked looking at the pictures. Let me know when on the 27th works for you guys so we can make sure everyone else can come!... morning or night- we have church from 1-4

idon'tremembereatingcorn said...

fred can swim with just his floaties?? he is such a man. can't WAIT to see you guys