Friday, November 27, 2009


The Nate & Cyndi Goodrich family came to our house for Thanksgiving. They drove all the way from southern Nevada. We really appreciated it. It would have been a really sad day without them (we probably would have gone out to eat).
While they were here we did some crafts, went to the Discovery Center museum, ice skating, out to eat (during the BYU vs. Utah game--sorry Nate--why didn't you tell me?!), to a movie, played Blokus, and just hung out. Oh, and we had a really yummy Thanksgiving meal. Home cooked. Not by me. I just did a pudding pie. The kids spent a long time raking these leaves so they could slide into them. Click on the picture to enlarge. Fred was so excited to be part of the train. Then he was left behind, "Hey!" Then he was happy again because he was on a slide that ended in a pile of leaves.

Thanks so much for the visit! (And sacrificing football because we don't have cable.)

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Amy said...

I know you can cook! I am sure of it! Your next post should be about something fun you cooked!