Sunday, June 28, 2009


The girls took a ballet/gymnastics class. Fred likes to copy his sisters. So he wears dress-ups, plays with dolls, wears headbands, etc. I don't mind. He also really likes trucks and balls and 'boy' stuff. I know he'll eventually conform to the gender role that society prefers. Chloe wanted a tea party. She asked and asked and I gave vague answers. She finally made invitations and made me commit to a date. Then Chanell and I decided to have "Tea Party Tuesdays". Turns out there were only about three Tuesdays in the whole summer. Weird.
The middle pictures documents what polite, dainty princesses they all are.
Fred only broke two dishes.

Danika introduced me to raw oatmeal. I love it because it tastes good and I am lazy.
Chloe loves it. Fred likes his with raisins. Stella doesn't like it. This is kind of sad because she really likes cooked oatmeal but when 2 out of 3 are willing to go along with the lazy method then the third ends up with cold cereal without milk.

Every night at dinner--ok, let's be honest--Every night that we actually sit down as a family to eat, Fred eventually ends up on Dan's lap. He pushes his plate over by Dan, climbs out of his chair and walks across the table. Every time. I'm glad he prefers Dan on this one.

This is Chloe saying "goodbye" to the cat. We didn't get rid of her. We only banished her to the lone and dreary world. That's what happens when you pee on the carpet. Unless it is our child. In that case we just try an assortment of tactics, none of which work, then give up.

Fred climbed into this by himself. I'm impressed that it didn't tip.


Carrie said...

Fred makes a darling little sister. :)
I'm impressed that you take pictures of the everyday stuff. Good mom!

Tresa Fowler said...

Funny Family! Thanks for keeping us up on your family. We miss you!

amy said...

I look forward to fred wedding video in 20+ years-

Zach Goodrich said...

Hey the Germans love uncooked oatmeal. I ate it all the time. Try mixing it with yogurt. Its amazing and I know the kids will love it... If the like yogurt that is. But don't eat toooooo much... Oatmeal has A LOT of fiber. I learned the hard way.

LoGunns said...

hooray for raw oatmeal:) I was happy to be mentioned in your blog. Do you guys want to meet us in Island Park the second and third of October? Matt's grandparents have a cabin there and we would love it if you guys came.