Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cards Are Soooo 2008

We didn't want to replace the Holy Family with ours so we're sending out New Years cards.

Unfortunately the rolodex got lost in the move and I have to look up each address on-line. So if you get it late or not at all, we're sorry. But you are not missing much. Since we keep a blog we didn't include a letter reviewing our year. Those that don't already read our blog wouldn't want to read a letter.

We're heading down to Santa Clara as soon as there is a break in the weather.


Kristin said...

I did that a few years ago, Christmas was just too much for me that year and it was new years cards for me!! It's always fun to get a few straggler cards! said...

What's with this"If You care?"You know We do.We received your most thoughtful Gifts,& look forward to the continuation of the practice.How do I (we) remove the paper clip from bottom of your Greeting Card,Katie & Stella must be there?
Enough with the joking,-Grammy & I are so proud of all our Family we can hardly keep from making it the main(e)topic of every conversation.So There.
All our love,kisses.& hugs
Great Grammy & Pepe LaRiviere

Heath said...

I'm actually checking it to get your new address so I can send you out a card as well. Hope you guys had a great holiday!