Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

by: Chloe LaRiviere

get a turkey at the store. cook it at your house. cook it for ten minutes. get it out of the oven. put a little bit of salt on it. eat the turkey and dip it in barbeque sauce.

chloe believes the flavor of all food is enhanced (and disgusting food made tolerable) by dipping it in something. she is a picky and fickle eater. yesterday she decided to try my butternut squash soup. i asked her how she liked it.
"pretty disgusting but kinda good."
i tried to get her to clarify.
"it's gross but i kinda like it."
"so you like gross things?"

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LoGunns said...

ha ha ha. Ranch is a must in our house.